How to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun with 3 Easy Hacks

By: Todd Covelli | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:24 AM, Jun 3, 2019

Even if you’re a sunscreen super-user, dermatologist Christine Lin from Affiliated Dermatology says many of us forget a very important area: the eyes! She sees several cases of skin cancer on and around the eyes each year. But don’t fear! Dr. Lin is showing you how to protect your eyes from the sun with a few simple tips.


1. Sunscreen


Let’s start our guide on how to protect your eyes from the sun with sunscreen. “Sometimes the chemical sunscreens may cause stinging in the eye,” says Dr. Lin. “One thing to think about is using physical sunscreen around your upper and lower eyelids, so you’re protecting your eyes without causing stinging.” Physical sunscreen has labels that say “zinc” or “titanium” on the ingredient list. “They do come in lotions forms, cream forms, and gel forms, and there’s one that comes in a powder form that can be brushed around the area.” Dr. Lin recommends anything that’s SPF 30 and higher. You can find powder sunscreens online and at your dermatologist’s office. You can also get a sunscreen stick – it glides on easily and won’t run into your eyes!


2. Sun Glasses


Next up – shades are a must as they can filter 100% of UV rays. “Sunglasses will help protect you when you’re out and about,” advises Dr. Lin. She also says you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for polarized lenses or fancy brands. Just look for the “UV protected” label and purchase from a reputable drug or chain store. “Make sure they provide UV protection; polarization is not important as far as sun protection is concerned,” insists the expert.


3. Hats for Sun Protection


Our last tip on how to protect your eyes from the sun? A hat is a must – but not just any hat will do. “I think the best hats are wide brimmed hats,” offers Dr. Li. “Certainly, a baseball cap will help protect the eyelids, but the wide brim is very important for the ears and back of your neck.” Even if it’s cloudy, bring that hat! Dr. Lin says clouds only block about 20% of the sun’s UV rays.


Ready to throw shade at the sun? Now you know how to protect your eyes from the sun.


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