How to Start Gardening: 3 Easy Tips for Planting the Perfect Garden

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By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:23 AM, Apr 24, 2019 Updated: 9:42 AM, Apr 26, 2019

Wanna learn how to start gardening? Then keep reading! Over the years, garden expert Justin Rohner has grown his own backyard wonderland. And after co-founding Agriscaping Technologies, he’s created beautiful gardens around the world. Now he’s sharing the secrets behind planting the perfect summer garden no matter where you are.


1. Garden Tools


The first tip on how to start gardening is getting to know your garden tools. “To get started in the garden, one of the first things you need is some good tools,” insists Justin. “And you don’t have to make it too complicated. All you really need is a good shovel and a nice little garden knife that’ll allow you to do a lot of things in the garden all at one time.” As a matter of fact, the end of a good garden knife will let you pulls weed, cut through roots, and plant your plants easily!


2. Know Your Hardiness Zone


Let’s continue on our guide on how to start gardening with this next tip: know your zone! “No matter where you live, you can grow something great in your garden,” informs Justin. “First thing you need to know is – where do you live? What hardiness zone are you in?” The U.S. is divided into different hardiness zones which are based off of the average winter temperatures. So depending on where you live, it can help determine what plant will thrive and when to start planting. “Each one of those has a different frost calendar, meaning when the frost starts and when the frost ends – and you need to know that so you know when to start best,” adds Justin. For example, the prime time to grow asparagus or beets would be in summer in a zone 6 like Detroit, Michigan. But in a zone 9 like Phoenix, Arizona, they may not survive. You can find your zone on the USDA’s website by typing in your zip code here.


3. Know Your Microclimate


The last thing you need to know about how to start gardening? Knowing your microclimate. “Each backyard also has microclimates within it that vary from A to F – and that doesn’t mean that F is bad and you can’t grow in it,” advises Justin. “It just means it’s different and you can grow different things at different times of the year. Whether it’s a big backyard or a small balcony, an A microclimate – where sun hits all day – is going to be hotter than an F microclimate, where something like a tree will cause afternoon shade. So microclimates can make a huge difference in your garden, here in a B zone we’ve got a plant that’s a cool season plant that’s already started to bolt and go bitter. But if we move over to the E microclimate where we get filtered light underneath a tree, we’ll actually find the same exact type of plant that’s actually growing. Still small, still sweet and you can extend the life of your cool-season vegetables in an E type microclimate.” To find out how to discover your microclimate, you can head to Justin’s website here.


We’re rooting for all you gardeners out there! If you’ve been itching to flex your green thumb, now you know how to start gardening.


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