How to Watch Live TV Online for Free & More Streaming Tips

By: Mike Dunn | Victor Padilla Posted: 12:20 PM, May 24, 2019 Updated: 3:02 PM, May 24, 2019

Most of us have some combination of cable TV and a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. But cutting the cable TV cord for streaming only used to mean losing live tv. Well, not anymore! Luke Bouma, owner of Cord Cutters News, says no matter what streaming device you use, there are three things you need to know about streaming TV online – including how to watch live TV for free with free trials.


1. Pick Your Channels


For starters, you gotta know what channels you really want. “You really need to sit down and write down those channels that are most important to you, and then look at the different services out there and see which ones offer it,” says Luke. Not every service offers all channels in every area. But most, like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue, have starter packages with 40 to 50 channels. The cool thing is that most services have a base package at a lower entry price. So if you like it and wanna add more channels later, you can usually do so for about $5.


2. How to Watch Live TV Online for Free


Next, here’s how to watch live TV online for free: check for free trials and try before you buy! “Unlike with cable providers, streaming allows you to try it before you pay for it to make sure it’s right for you,” says Luke. Simply click on the free trial, put in your zip code, and then sign up. This will let you use the service for seven days and sometimes more. “You get full access to it to test out the DVR, the On-Demand, the channel line-up, to see how it works with your device and make sure it’s the right fit for you,” adds Luke.


3. Record with a DVR


The final thing you need to know about live streaming TV – you can still record with a DVR. “All live TV streaming services, except AT&T’s Watch TV, offer a live DVR,” informs Luke. “So if you’re used to programming and saving shows to watch later, cutting the cord doesn’t mean you lose this feature.” Unlike cable services that provide you with a physical DVR box to record shows for later, these services provide you with an online cloud DVR. And good news, media hoarders! Many services offer unlimited DVR so you can record all you want and save it for a set length of time. Others limit you to 50 hours but store it forever.


Now you’ve three ways to make all your streams come true!


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