How We Can All Treat Our Dogs Like Royalty

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 8:28 PM, Oct 27, 2017

Queen Elizabeth has had more than 30 corgis in her lifetime and at one point she had 9 at the same time. While the English monarch leads a simple life, she saves the royal treatment for her fur babies. You don't have to be royalty to treat your pets like kings and queens. Kristina Guerrero has three ways we can all spoil our dogs.

1.  Private Sleeping Quarters

Forget sleeping in your bedroom. Create a fun room in your home where your dog can take a nap. Take it to the next-level with a wicker bed that is lifted from the ground.

2.  Cater to Your Canine

You can give your dog some freshly cooked organic steak, chicken and even rabbit. Now that's a royal menu!

3.  Personal Trainers

All dogs need their exercise, but get them up and going at least four times a day and then they can hang with Queen Elizabeth and her doggies.

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