Hybrid Fashion: 4 Fabulous Winter Clothing Mashups

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By: Elyse Johnson Posted: 8:35 PM, Dec 5, 2016

Mashing up different styles is the big trend this holiday season. Elyse Johnson and fashion expert Julie Xander  have four fashion hybrids that will have you looking fabulous this winter.

1.  The Swacket

It feels like a sweater, but is more of a jacket shape.

2.  The Shacket

Much like the swacket, this is a jacket, but crossed with a shirt.

3.  Glittens

This is a fingerless glove and a retractable mitten to keep your fingers warm.

4.  Shooties

This is a mix of a shoe and a boot and it’s shorter than a boot so it’s easier to put on.

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