Improve Your Work Life

By: Mike Dunn | Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 3:55 PM, May 3, 2022 Updated: 4:04 PM, May 3, 2022

The Great Resignation has people reevaluating their jobs – and it’s no wonder why. Employees are feeling disconnected at work after almost two years of working remotely. We spoke with connection expert Unni Turrettini for some advice on reigniting your joy for your job.

Starting With: Keep A Skills And Talent Bank

“We all have skills and talents that go beyond our job”, says Turrettini. Sharing your interests, skills and talent with your managers can give you the opportunity to contribute beyond your job description and break up your routine. Advocate for yourself – it’ll make your managers appreciate you more and advocate for you as well.

Next: Ask For Help

So many of us are afraid to ask for help because we’re afraid of looking weak or incompetent. But the opposite is true. When you allow someone to help you, you give them a gift. Helping makes us feel valued, seen and heard. “It’s one of our basic human needs”, Turrettini explains.

Finally: Give The Inside Scoop

When it’s time to share something about yourself during staff meetings, share a fact that most people don’t know. Sharing a fun fact about your interests or a relatable story can enhance your connection with your coworkers, making the office a more enjoyable place.