In a style rut? Get back on trend by using your Zodiac sign

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Elyse Johnson Posted: 11:02 PM, Jul 12, 2017

Summer time means more summer styles; but if you can never seem to pick the right outfit, take a hint from your birthday. No, not your birthday suit: your zodiac sign! Helpful for figuring out your personality, your birth sign can also help you put together a style that's all your own; Kristina Guerrero and List stylist Elyse Johnson have everything you need to know to look your best.

1. Aries

Style: Always ready to dive into something new, you like looks that show off your innate inner confidence. Sporty, sexy, sleek looks take you from day to night, whether your running errands or out for drinks with friends.

Get the Look: Look for pieces that can go from your 9-5 to Happy Hour like comfy slim fitted crop pants or a well-tailored blazer; you don't have time to change outfits between your adventures! And don't be afraid to show off a little skin or try a new trend – your confidence will shine through and make the look yours.

2. Taurus

Style: Born under the bull, you're a strong presence and like to stand out. When it comes to dressing up, you push the boundaries with bold color choices; but you also aren't afraid to stand out by dressing down.

Get the Look: For going out with friends or fancy affairs, look for bright colors and patterns; and don't be afraid to grab clothing pieces that make a statement when you walk into the room. And when it comes to looking casual, look for stylish, well fitted jeans and colorful, well-designed hoodies or pullovers that show you don't always have to dress up to look good.

3. Gemini

Style: You don't like to be stuck in one signature style and you love to switch up your look. You are equally confident dressed down in jeans as you are wearing your fanciest heels or suit. You love accessories, but you love to switch it up depending on your mood – there's no pinning you down.

Get the Look: Go rogue and change the rules with your accessories! Add a hat to a fancy, or casual, ensemble; wear two different colored shoes, a trend popping up with rule-breaking fashion experts everywhere. Or try a set of glasses frame that will pop with your outfit.

4. Cancer

Style: You are a big fan of dressing elegantly and despise looking cheap or run-down. You also like to be comfortable, so whatever you're wearing had better feel as good as it looks.

Get the Look: Look for clothes in comfortable and soft fabrics that are well-made and will last you a while. Also, get to know your tailor (or get good at sowing) so that your clothes fit you perfectly, and always look like you wore them right out of the store. When dressing casually, look for yoga pants and well designed sweaters.

5. Leo

Style: You are exuberant, colorful, and up for a challenge. You are most confident when you're putting it all out there, in life, and in your style.

Get the Look: Don't be afraid to work what you've got! Go for statement-making accessories, wild patterns, and short short hemlines. Your outfit should speak for you as soon as you walk into a room. And don't be afraid to add some drama to your look with ruffles, plunging necklines, or bright, bright colors.

6. Virgo

Style: A fan of practicality and everything neat and tidy, you like to look put together, without having to do too much work. You love structured looks, both dressy and casual; but more than anything, you like your style to look effortless.

Get the Look: Put together outfits that are neat and organized – A-Line dresses are an easy go to, thanks to their built in structured skirts. When dressing up, try a blazer or a fitted skirt that both instantly make your outfit look put together. For casual looks, instead of letting tees or button ups flow and look sloppy, tuck them into your bottoms for a look that says, "I like to be comfortable; but I don't I have to look unkempt to do it."

7. Libra

Style: You are the master of mixing: You can work a softer, flowy look one day and a structured look the next. You love classic pieces, but always add an extra edge to what you wear. But no matter what look you're channeling, you always want to look purposefully coordinated.

Get the Look: Try playing with proportions and colors to channel your cool style. Put together playful outfits, but don't go too over the top. Layer a dress over pants or a full-skirted look with a structured jacket for the right balance of feminine and edgy. And don't be afraid of matching sets, made for the fashionable person that wants to look coordinated, without spending weekends of shopping looking for the perfect match for their favorite fashion item.

8. Scorpio

Style: Focused, polished, and streamlined, you know your look and you stick to it. But that doesn't mean your style is boring. While you stick to the fancy basics, you always manage to add some edge to the look.

Get the Look: Whatever your uniform may be, look for structured suits or sheath dresses, then mix them up by adding accessories like cool sunglasses or a statement bag – but remember, less is more. Also play with textures and tailored materials, but stay away from overly feminine pieces that don't fit your work hard, play hard aesthetic.

9. Sagittarius

Style: Extroverted and free-wheeling, you love to take bold chances with your style. You love color and want to show off your energetic side with your clothes; but you don't want to feel stuffy or constrained to do it.

Get the Look: Look for bright patterns and colors in wide legged pants or peasant tops – anything that gives you room to be yourself. And as one of the biggest travelers in the zodiac, feed your adventurous side with bold animal prints or safari style dresses and tops.

10. Capricorn

Style: Simple but sophisticated. You love to get dressed up, but if it isn't easy, you won't wear it. You also like to gravitate towards classics, with a twist.

Get the Look: Invest in classic wardrobe pieces – skinny jeans, boots, and button-downs – but don't be afraid to step up your look with styling tricks. Belt a scarf over your favorite dress or try colorblocking! Don't be afraid to try new things because your style will always look like it's intentional.

11. Aquarius

Style: You don't follow all the latest fads – instead, you stick to what you know. You have the style pieces that you love and you make them yours by adding elements of individuality.

Get the Look: Find a "uniform" you like, like a skirt and blouse combo or classic tee and go to jeans, and put your special spin on the outfit every time you wear it out. And invest in black or white tees which are perfect bases for you to add accessories or jackets to that show your personality.

12. Pisces

Style: While some might describe your style as bohemian, there's much more to your signature look. You gravitate toward soft, flowing pieces with subtle sexiness but also don't shy away from bold accessories.

Get the Look: Keep an eye out for pieces with bohemian flair, but that still feel new and fresh. Opt for easy pieces like pastel-colored maxi dresses, silk shirts, and cool velvet blazers. Avoid pieces that are too in-your-face – you don't need a wild outfit to catch someone's eye.

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