Jen Sincero’s 3 Tips to Get That Dream Job

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:56 PM, Oct 9, 2017

You've sent out the resume, dropped off job applications, gone to the interviews but still no job to brag about on Facebook. Jen and book. The issue might be all in your head…literally! Kristina Guerrero talked to Jen Sincero, bestselling author of You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, to get her tips on how to 'think' yourself into employment.

1.  Get Specific

Get clear on your dream job. What do you do? Who do you work with? How much money are you making? Are you brown bagging it or taking lunch meetings at the plaza? What does that dream job 'look' like? When you can visualize you get emotional and emotion is what propels us through the terror zone into the risky things you must do.

2.  Stepping Stone Job

A stepping stone is great because it gets you taking action. It will hopefully alleviate some of those financial worries because it's impossible to think straight when you're freaking out about money and it'll give you some answers and you will find out what you love and what you hate.

3.  Be Decisive

If you are serious about getting out of poverty, despair, debt and confusion then you should make it so your life depends on it. When it gets too hard, expensive or you risk looking like an idiot, you don't give a crap. You do it because your life depends on it.

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