Junkyard Gems: 3 Steps to Make a Cool Steampunk Desk Lamp

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 5:33 PM, Dec 16, 2016

The junkyard is a car lovers toy store, and a gold mine for making functional steampunk art. This is a popular design that combines delicate Victorian era elements with bold industrial pieces. Brian Corsetti is creating a cool DIY desk lamp out of car parts with some help from Hidden Valley Auto Parts' Jeff Hoctor.


Carburetor from a 1953 Plymouth ($35.00)

Engine Balancer from a 1978 Ford Truck (Free)

Lamp Kit from a local hardware store $12.00

Clear Coat Gloss $4.00

Edison Bulb $5.00


1. Clean and degrease the parts. Use any household degreaser or all-purpose spray. 

2. Make sure all the water is out of the carburetor.

3. Remove the choke plate inside the carburetor.

4. Thread the lamp wire through the middle.

5. Connect the carburetor to the engine balancer

6. Wire up the light.

7. Spray with gloss.

8. Add the light bulb and plug it in.

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