Karate Kid Reboot: YouTube Red Pulls Epic Prank to Promote New ‘Cobra Kai’ Series

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Posted: 4:35 PM, May 7, 2018

YouTube Red has officially launched their new series, "Cobra Kai," a sequel to the movie we know and love, "Karate Kid." But as it turns out, the Karate kid himself is taking on to the streets of New York City pulling pranks on fans. It's all about the underdog coming out on top, and who wouldn't love that? 

The prank is set up in a way where unsuspecting New Yorkers get to witness a nice guy standing up for himself against a biker bully giving him a hard time – in an amazing way. The nice guy ends up destroying a street lamp, Karate-chopping the bully's motorcycle in half and murdering a water hydrant.  

The best part of the video? People's reactions, of course! And that's why the clip tops of our Viralist at number one. 

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