Knockout Fashion: 3 Trendy Looks Inspired by Boxing

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 8:19 PM, Feb 3, 2017 Updated: 10:30 AM, Jul 5, 2018

The latest craze delivering a knock out to the fashion world is boxing. Bradley Hasemeyer and fashion expert Elyse Johnson have three looks that will have you looking fabulous rocking this hot trend.

1.  Shoes

What’s great about boxing shoes is they’re so versatile. They’re not only comfortable, but you can wear them with jeans, a skirt, a dress, and if you get in a scuffle and someone tries to take your money, you’re already for traction!

2.  Belt

In boxing when you win you get a championship belt. If you want to win in fashion this season you’ve got to get a big belt like a champ. Not only is the accessory the main attraction in your outfit, it also doesn’t require winning the prize money.

3.  Hoodie

It’s not only comfortable, but it’s also functional because it’s warm. Be sure not to go head to toe in plain warmups. Instead layer your hood under a motor or jean jacket.

Special thanks to Madison Boxing Gym!

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