LED Gear: 3 Bright Ways to Stay Safe in the Dark

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By: Orlando Morales Posted: 4:06 PM, Oct 21, 2016

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier and that can make things dangerous for joggers, dog walkers and pedestrians. The best way to fight back is to light up. Kristina Guerrero has some bright gear that will keep you safe at night.

1.  LED Lights for Adults

You can pick up an LED slap bracelet for around $10, a light-up waist band for $20.and a shimmering shoe clip for $15 at Gone for a Run.

2.  LED Lights for Dogs

Keep your best friend safe in the dark with the LED light-up collar for $30 and leash for $45 from Squeaker.

3.  LED Lights for Kids

You can find light up shoes for the little ones for around $30 on Amazon and a cool LED skateboard from Electric Styles for about $70

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