Lemonade Cocktails

By: Faith Phares | Jimmy Rhoades | Adapted for web by Crystal Zampino Posted: 3:37 PM, Sep 14, 2022 Updated: 4:18 PM, Sep 14, 2022

Lemonade isn’t just for the summer, folks. This refreshing and delicious drink can (and should!) be consumed year-round. And if the flavor alone won’t convince you to keep some in your fridge, even in winter, these boozy twists definitely will. Check out these three boozy lemonade-based drink recipes from the king of lemonade, Brian Johnson, from AZ Lemonade Stand. 

Up first – Easy Peasy Strawberry Lemonade Squeezy 

Let’s take things slow to start with – a Strawberry Lemonade quencher that’s ridiculously easy to make with a huge flavor payoff. “Really all it is, is strawberry Moscato and strawberry lemonade,” Johnson says. Three parts Moscato and one part strawberry lemonade. Give it a little shake – not too hard! “Moscato has a bit of carbonation,” he reminds us. Add some strawberry garnish and you’re all set. 

Next on our drink list – The Valley 

Start by adding basil to a glass and muddle. “What that does is really release a lot of those oils, a lot of those flavors from the basil,” he says. Next, add lime, limoncello and gin. This one needs a good shake, so don’t hold back! Top off with lemonade, garnish with basil and you’re off to the races. 

Lastly – the PineTop Spritzer 

Grab a kiwi and get to muddling – then add a slice of lime. Vodka is next – then, shake it all up. Top off with lemonade and garnish with kiwi and lime slices. It’s that easy – and delicious.  


Lemonade Cocktails


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