Life Hacks: 3 Ways to MacGyverize Your House

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:22 AM, Oct 5, 2016

MacGyver was a hit show in the ‘80s and now it’s back on CBS. To celebrate, Bradley Hasemeyer has three common household items that will have your home shining. It’s time to "MacGyverize" your pad!

1.  Plain White Soap

If you have stuck drawers or windows, this will fix them up. Just slide the bar of soap along the rails of your drawer and they will glide like new.

2.  White Toothpaste

We know that toothpaste works great on our pearly whites, but it also cleans any scuff on your counter or floor. Just dampen a cloth, add a little plain white toothpaste, and scrub away. It works almost instantly.

3.  Shaving Cream

Before you shower, lather up the mirror with shaving cream, and then wipe it dry with a clean towel. This will keep your mirror from steaming up.

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