Life Hacks: 5 Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Pics Look Professionally Shot

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By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 9:50 PM, Jun 5, 2018 Updated: 9:30 AM, Nov 20, 2018

Road trips, family gatherings, the ultimate ice cream cone—there are lots of memories we want to capture with a picture. Of course, you have the camera on your phone, so you’re always ready to get that shot. But we want to make sure you get the best pics possible. So we spoke with food photographer Joanie Simon, who says with a few simple tips, you can go from casual snapshots to pro-style pics that pop. Watch the video above for five tips on how to take stellar smart phone photos, which include: how to clean your camera lens; finding the right lighting; finding the right angle; looking to the horizon; and getting silly for the perfect selfie!

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