Live your best life now with these 3 tips from JP Sears

If you're a fan of self-help books but are also a fan of hilarity, then you need to check out JP Sears. While he gives you actually helpful tips to live your best life now, he also has no problem making fun of some of the silliest parts about the "self-help" genre. Do yourself a favor, laugh a lot, and learn a lot with these 3 tips for life from JP and Donna Ruko.

1. Don't Fear Criticism

"Own your fear!" says JP. The more you do things that scare you, the less scary they seem. Remember when as a kid, you didn't think you could ride your bike down that giant hill – but you tried anyway? It felt so good to say you did it, even if you got a bruise or two, because you conquered a fear. Remember that feeling! Life is like a giant hill and as long as you're willing to ride past fear and criticism, you can cruise into the sunset of success.

2. Love Your Haters

People who aren't where they might be in life can sometimes put their frustrations on you by cutting you down while you try to achieve things you want. But don't let them get to you! It's not your fault they might not be where they want to be; try to understand where they might feel their shortcomings are coming from…but don't let that stop you from being great.

3. Stop Your Inner Critic

Just like riding past the criticism of others, sometimes you have to give yourself a "brake" (heh, bike puns). JP says that without resistance, we can't get stronger, and your inner critic is just resistance from within. Sears also says, don't just ignore those thoughts – write them down. Once you see your fears on paper, they'll live somewhere other than in your head; plus it gives you a chance to respond to them and show those fears how little and pointless they are. You show those fears!

Learn more about how to take life by the handle bars in JP Sears’ book How to Be Ultra Spiritual – out now!

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