Hiking tips for novice hikers

CINCINNATI - Did you ever want to tell someone to take a hike? You can get away with it today because it’s National Long Walk Day.

Who better to talk to about taking a long walk than the author of “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Cincinnati.”

Tammy York says her book uses a mathematical formula to rate the ease or difficulty of the paths in area parks.

“It's the elevation change and, mixed in with how long the trail is, whether it's in full sun and the pavement you're walking on or whether it's a dirt trail.  Each one has a weight to it and that then determines if the trail is easy or hard,” York explained.

York says you can figure out your hiking ability with a simple test.

“Take a walk around your neighborhood. If you're going to be winded after a mile, then you're going to want an easy trail. If you're not, you're going to be fine for a heavier trail,” York explained.

York also says you should always carry your cell phone with you, especially if you’re walking or hiking on a new trail.

“I text as I am walking on the trail so any time I have a junction that I come to I text them so they pretty much have a walking journal of where I've been at any given time because you don't know what's around the bend,” York said.

If you’re inspired to hit the trail, York suggests Chilo Lock 34, Cincinnati Nature Center, Cox Arboretum and Sharon Woods.

York says these trails offer adventure and beautiful sights along the way.

Happy trails to you.


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