Look Hot!: 3 summer style tips for dudes and dudettes

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By: Lindsey Granger | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 10:51 PM, Jun 13, 2017

Summer's around the corner and that means parties on the patio, dinner on the beach, and going on adventures with your favorite people. But how do you balance your summer closet in the summer heat? "A dress or skirt?" "Cargo shorts or slacks?" (Guys, please don't pick cargo shorts). Let Lindsey Granger and fashion expert-editor Tiffany Reid from Cosmo Magazine get your outfit on 100 for whatever the season of sun brings you:

1. We're Going Striping!

Ladies: Looking for a pattern to cinch your waist? Pick a horizontal stripe – it'll help give you an hourglass shape. Obsessed with vertical stripes? Feel free to work the look, just make sure the outfit is more loose than figure-hugging.

Guys: Vertical stripes will make you look taller, which makes you feel taller, and gives you a little confidence boost. But if you love horizontal stripes, rock them; just remember to check the stripes' line weights on your frame to make sure they don't make you look blocky.

2. Make Friends with Your Tailor

When your clothes fit the right way, they make you look even better. It's too hot during the summer to be walking around in too-big tops and lame, cuffed pants anyway! Ladies, don't look like you're borrowing your mom's clothes; and guys, don't look like you're wearing a late 90's NBA Draft hopeful's suit.

Head to your local cleaners and they'll be able to hook you up with a tailor that will hook up your wardrobe.

3. Spend on the Shoes

Man or woman, your shoes put your whole look together. Not to mention they should last you a while – no one wants to buy shoes every month because they have to. Invest in shoes that will keep you looking good for a long time; and definitely invest in neutral toned shoes – they go with everything.

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