Love Astrology: Plan the Perfect Date Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Teresa Strasser | Meredith Witthar Posted: 10:20 PM, Feb 2, 2018

Horoscopes and astrology are fun ways of predicting your love prospects – and now they can help you plan the perfect Valentine’s date based on your zodiac sign!


Valentine's day is on it's way – and that means you're probably planning your date right now. But since there's so much pressure to have a romantic evening, how do you make sure it's up to your sweetheart's standards? We spoke with astrologist Jim Ventura who provided the perfect Valentine’s date scenarios  based on your partner's star sign.


In order to get a more comprehensive understanding of our true love picture, Jim would need to look at the placement of Venus, Mars and our Ascendant in our natal chart. Fortunately, Jim is still able to get a feel for what might charm your partner based on their Sun sign. Read on for a glimpse at what might be a romantic and fun way to spend Valentine’s Day!


1. Aries


Aries: Aries likes to conquer; they are not good at taking orders! Aries can be passionate but, they like to keep things new. Mars is an aggressive ruling planet, making Aries ready for an adventure! No matter what you do, Aries wants to be number one in your eyes. A romantic day is all about paying attention to Aries, and what makes them truly unique. 


2. Taurus


Taurus: Taurus are collectors, and they don’t like to be rushed. When you partner with a Taurus, keep this in mind. They like to touch, and they love nice things and comfortability. A couple ideas include good food at a nice restaurant, or cooking for them followed by a relaxing evening at home. You can also give them a gift like a necklace, or anything that will make them feel good.


3. Gemini


Gemini: Gemini likes to talk and kiss. They enjoy variety, so whatever the Valentine’s Day plan, keep it new and interesting. A good show, concert, short trip, and a bit of variety is the key. They enjoy eye contact and stimulus. Bracelets, rings, and even things that stimulate their minds make great gifts.


4. Cancer


Lots of romance needed for Cancer. They appreciate sweet cards, thoughtful comments, mementos – and to finally be taken care of themselves! Give them a Valentine’s Day filled with romance and new, warm memories. Or pull something from their past that they already love. Keep it special, but some of the more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts can work.


5. Leo


Make it fun, laugh at their jokes, and ask them to order your food for you at their favorite restaurant. They love chivalry, courtship, and getting treated like a prince or princess. Fine drinks, grand cuisine or anything that smacks of class and regality will make them happy.


6. Virgo


They like things clean and organized. Make sure whatever you do is well planned. Spontaneity won’t do the trick.  Find out what they like and make a solid plan to follow up on the details. Loud crowded places are out. Attend to their needs. They often have one or more hobbies or areas of study. Gifts connected with these interests are a good way to go.


7. Libra


True love of romance here! Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers were perfectly balanced, and Libra likes this. Take them dancing. Bring them a single rose. Make the decision about what you are going to do after you asked them what they’d like. Make it classy and a little showy, with some great conversation – and show them off!


8. Scorpio


Scorpio loves a mystery, so give them one to solve. Reveal secret aspects of yourself to them, but let them decide if they are ready to share with you and never demand it. They are very loyal, sensual, and like things a little complicated.  They want to know you are theirs, so prove it to them. They often claim to not be emotional. Prove them wrong by being sweet and bring the sweet side in them out!


9. Sagittarius


Take a trip and keep it fun. Romance needs to be an adventure for Sagittarius. Let them talk and share their ideas over a good dinner. Hop in the car and go for a drive! A horse-drawn carriage, picnic at the beach, outdoor concert, or any fun idea will keep Sagittarius happy! Avoid boxing them in and making them feel unable to move about freely.


10. Capricorn


Make whatever you do useful, but don’t give them any more work, as they often already have enough of that! They can be very aware of the perceptions of others, and are often uncomfortable with too many public displays of affection. They appreciate people who work hard so make whatever your plan is based on some real effort. They can be fairly comfortable with the more traditional gifts connected with Valentine’s Day. 


11. Aquarius


Never something common or ordinary for Aquarius. Being overly emotional or sensitive will drive them nuts. Find out what their dreams are (they always have long range and short range goals!), and bring them a gift connected with that. Great conversation and being around other interesting people will make them happy. Appeal to their minds and a bit of flattery won’t hurt.


12. Pisces


They will make sacrifices for you, so make some for them on Valentine’s Day. They are often practical, but have a romantic, dreamy side as well. Appeal to that part with something that celebrates their many layers. They want to combine a night with two completely different things. Allow them to be sensitive. Inner beauty matters more than outer beauty to Pisces.


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