Love Is: Cast of Oprah’s New Show Dishes on Love & Relationships

Posted: 12:43 PM, Jun 27, 2018 Updated: 12:49 PM, Jun 27, 2018

Oprah Winfrey’s latest endeavor is a new television show on OWN called Love Is.  We talked to the cast to find out the keys to a long-lasting relationship – and making love work!


1. Love Is…Laughter


First up, actor Kadeem Hardison, who plays Norman Reynolds, says it’s all about laughter. “If you can laugh at the end of the day, it kind of heals everything else. So there’ll be some ups and downs, but as long as we have a good sense of humor between us – we’ll find a way to make it to tomorrow.”


And here’s some food for thought: a study by the University of Kansas found that couples who have a similar sense of humor stay together longer than couples that don’t. Good to know!


2. Love Is…Sharing Your Story


Love Is is based on the relationship of its creators, Mara Brock Akil and her husband Salim Akil. Mara has shared so many amazing stories with audiences for years, we asked her what it’s like now to share her own personal story.  “The script of that story does include me being nervous and scared – but if I’m being honest, I’ve been empowered by it,” she reveals. “I think saying here I am as a story-teller. Using my own facts and figures and experiences has left me more fearless.” And although everyone may not write a screenplay about their lives, sharing your full self and your story with your partner is a huge step toward building something that lasts.


3.Love Is… Forgiving Your Partner


The last key to making relationships work is forgiving your partner. Just ask the lead actress on the show Michele Weaver who plays Nuri! “I’d say love is forgiveness, being able to start over. Always having hope and letting the past go,” says Michele.” Mara also chimed in, saying: “We have to allow for that space of growth and change. We’re not going to be the same people we met a day ago or 20 years ago, and we’ve got to make space for that.” Right on!


Now you’ve got three love tips from the cast of the new show Love Is.


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