Lucky Charms Based on Your Zodiac Sign: Find Which One’s Right For You

By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 12:10 PM, Nov 30, 2018

We all have that one person on our Christmas gift list who’s impossible to shop for. But this year, you can give them the gift that never goes out of style – a good luck charm. The List chatted with Astrologer Jim Ventura who helped us create a guide to the perfect lucky charms based on your zodiac sign.

Fire Signs 

Aries – Key Necklace 

Gift Aries signs charms with bright, auspicious strong symbols such as a keys, which will help them unlock their goals. You can also go for the symbolism behind rubies, or anything with stars and the sun. The best lucky charms for Aries signs also feature warrior and leadership symbols. 

Leo – Amber Stones 

Leo is the sign of the lion, so gemstones are their thing. They like symbols that are noticeable and eye-catching. Go for vibrant symbols like gold, cats, amber and sunflowers.  

Sagittarius $5 Faux Rabbit’s Foot  

Sagittarius loves symbols and things from other cultures and travel – anything with a story behind it. Heart and arrow symbols, mother of pearl, and of course the faux rabbit’s foot are all perfect lucky charm options for Sagittarius.  

Air Signs 

Gemini – Fuzzy Dice 

Gemini’s ideal lucky charm includes symbols of air and things connected with the mind. You can also go for charms with multiple meanings such as butterflies, dragon flies, mirrors, fuzzy dice and things in pairs.  

Libra – Triangle Necklace  

Libra is the sign of balance, so gift them charms with symbols that are elegant and attractive. Things like birds, Amethyst, triangles, pendants, and cupid. Triangles are considered to be significant and lucky in many cultures.  

Aquarius – Ladybug Décor  

Aquarius loves things that are out of the ordinary and some of the classics too. Choose dragonflies, lady bugs, things with happy face symbols or anything that is unique or eccentric. 


Earth Signs 

Taurus –  Horseshoe Charm

If you’re shopping for a Taurus, choose practical symbols and things that both relax and bring abundance. Horseshoes, copper, gems for wealth, acorns, bulls and the number seven are all great options.  

Virgo – Evil Eye Keychain 

Virgo is often drawn to practical symbols. Cultural protective symbols like the evil eye can protect the sign from those who might be jealous of their many talents. Fruit-shaped symbols, white jade, bottles that hold things, and healing symbols are also all great options.  

Capricorn – Swarovski Four-Leaf Clover Necklace  

Charms for Capricorns need to include symbols that are practical and grounded but also surprisingly sentimental too. Symbols that feel grounded and orderly. You can go for the classics like a four-leaf clover or a bee to bring forth productivity. Four-leaf clovers are thought to bring faith, hope, love, health, fame and wealth, making them the lucky charm you need. 


Water Signs 

Cancer – Dolphin Sculpture  

Charms for Cancer signs should include symbols connected with warmth, the home, family, the moon and water. Symbols like dolphins, starfish, silver, ladybugs, penguins, dogs, bamboo are all appropriate.  

Scorpio – Moon Jewelry  

Scorpios are often fond of things with deep meaning that might seem intense to others. Things like snake charms, classic horseshoes, lunar symbols, silver and anything representing power for Scorpio’s sharp-probing mind. 

Pisces – Dream-Catcher 

Pisces are drawn to the ocean, water and things that feel truly magical. Get Pisces objects representing water, fish, emerald and dream catchers, which work for a sign that loves to dream. Dreams are super important to Pisces, so anything that’s going to help filter out nightmares and focus on the good ones is worth it.  


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