Manifest With Color

By: Jacqui Denker Posted: 4:55 PM, May 9, 2022

If you’re feeling sluggish or down, there’s help in a place you may not have considered: the colors around you. Manifestation teacher Mandy Morris teaches us how to use color to improve our lives.

“Every color can produce an emotion in someone,” Morris says. “As so if we look at the precursor to manifestation, it’s our emotions. So, if we can positively manipulate our emotions, then we’re better off manifesting.”

Starting with: Red

Red can create motivation. If you’ve got a big day at the office coming up, and you’re feeling tired, throw on a red scarf or red tie – even red lipstick. It means that you’re there to be listened to and can feel powerful.

Now, let’s talk: Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness – it’s used to boost energy. From wearing more yellow to eating more foods of the hue (bananas and pineapple are a given) you’re surrounding yourself with the energetic color. It’s even helpful to include it in your home décor to brighten up your home and feel the good vibes going.

Finally: Try Green

Green is the color of nature, and creates a beautiful balance. “If you’re walking through your day and feel like – ‘I’m just feeling these huge range of emotions I need to stabilize’ – green is awesome.” Morris advises. Beyond just wearing green, surround your home in greens! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, having fake plants will be enough to get the benefit of the colors.

Happy manifesting with color!