Manscaping 101: Men’s Grooming Tips to Have Your Man Lookin’ Fine

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer Posted: 6:30 PM, May 16, 2018

A lot of guys’ home-grooming routines get featherweight attention for a heavyweight job. We spoke with Stacy Grondahl – owner of the We Do Men spa in Scottsdale, Arizona – who shared a few ways men can primp.


1. Beautify Your Beard


First on our life is beautifying your beard. If someone is new to caring for their beard, what do they need to know? “You groom the hair, it does what you want it to do, and it looks healthier and happier,” shares Stacy. And there’s all types of products out there to help groom your whiskers. “My personal favorite is beard balm. This conditions the hair. We wanna keep the hair hydrated and happy,” Stacy adds. Once you’ve primped your beard, you’re ready for the brows!


2. Tame Bushy Brows


Step two is taming the brow beast! Stacy warns not to go it alone: “Professionals are the only ones who are gonna touch this area. Do not even attempt to touch this area!” But if you absolutely can’t make it to the salon or barber, Stacy offers a few steps you can do at home: “You can also lean over in your mirror at home, and [remove] any hairs that are sticking straight forward…Now, rule of thumb is your index finger, which means fingers are gonna be a little bigger. So take the bridge of your nose, and draw a straight line, and only worry about that hair that's straight up the bridge of the nose.” Stacy also says to ensure that you pull the skin very tight when you pluck, and to pull it in the direction of the hair growth. Considered the beast tamed!


3. Purify & Protect Your Face


Finally, for a face that not only a mother could love, purify and protect it! “Look for a gel,” recommends Stacey. “Anywhere you go, gel is the most universal for all skin types.” You’ve picked up a gel that works for you, lather a little of it up, and give your skin, beard, neck, and ears all the love. “Your skin can become dry, which is why the follow up sunscreen-moisturizer as a combo is super important,” she adds. Duly noted!


Know a guy who could use some manscaping? Now you’ve got four ways to groom yourself – or a loved one! – for the gods.


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