Your One-Word Mantra Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Todd Covelli | Jim Ventura | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:25 AM, Aug 30, 2019 Updated: 10:09 PM, Jan 4, 2022

When it comes to the zodiac, each sign has its strengths and areas that could use a little improvement. So spoke with astrologer Jim Ventura and learned an easy way we can all improve – by focusing on a simple word or phrase. Read on to find the perfect one-word mantra for you based on your zodiac sign.

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1. Aries – Patience


Aries are born leaders – often brave and strong individuals who tackle life head on. Aries needs to also not approach everything as if it has a potential battle and rush to accomplish goals. Aries’ test is to learn patience! In the words of St. Augustine, “The reward of patience is patience.”


2. Taurus – Detachment


Taurus is solid, steady and usually good at committing to a plan and staying on track. Their need for security is strong and they work hard to attain it. Yet Taurus can struggle with life’s obstacles and sometimes react to people far too personally. Taurus test is to learn detachment.


3. Gemini – Quietness


Geminis are inquisitive, mutable, and juggle many different elements of life all at the same time. Gemini is mentally restless, which can make them be seen by others as someone who knows quite a bit about a number of different things. Gemini’s test is to learn how to quiet the mind and not get distracted.


4. Cancer – Discernment


Cancers are nurturing, sensitive and often excel at the skills needed to take care of themselves and the people they care about. Cancer may be too generous with their need to give and share those nurturing skills with too many. Cancer’s test is to learn discernment and that not everyone is worthy of their care.


5. Leo – Humility


Leos are creative, playful, magnetic, and enjoy sharing by putting on a good show. Leo can sometimes see the world around them as a stage and worry about how their performance is seen. Leo needs to learn to when to take a back seat from time to time and let others shine. Leo needs to learn humility.


6. Virgo – Tolerance


Virgos are practical, efficient, and often mentally sharp. They enjoy fixing, solving and resolving things. They are willing to work hard, see the value of self-criticism, and enjoy developing skills and often become experts. They can sometimes be overly critical of others and expect them to have the same standards. Virgos need to learn tolerance.


7. Libra – Decisiveness


Libras are balanced, creative, and can naturally see both sides of situations. They are natural peacemakers. Yet this ability to see multiple sides of things can make Libra afraid of making a wrong choice. This tendency to “fence sit” can cause Libra to procrastinate. Libra needs to learn decisiveness.


8. Scorpio – Forgiveness


Scorpios are intense, magnetic, sharp, and have a tenacity that helps them overcome obstacles. Scorpio looks past the surface of things. Scorpios have a history of needing to learn how to overcome. Old habits die hard, and Scorpios can get stuck on blaming themselves for mistakes or holding onto anger towards others. Scorpio needs to learn forgiveness.


9. Sagittarius – Restraint


Sagittarians are philosophical, adventurous, story-tellers and often wise. They typically have very strong options. This attribute can sometimes come across as zeal, which can be off putting to others. Sagittarius often wants to share stories and their perspectives, even if not asked. Their fiery natures often drive them to always want to take some type of action. Sagittarius needs to learn restraint.


10. Capricorn – Sociability


Capricorns are grounded, hardworking, responsible, and take their time when making important decisions. They are confidant when they really get to know people, or any situations where they have taken the time to gain experience. Yet their responsible natures can make them seem overly cautious, or rigid to others. Capricorns need to learn sociability.


11. Aquarius – Warmth


Aquarius is typically eccentric, knowledgeable, and have a wide circle of friends who share their ideals. They are air signs who think about a lot of important aspects of life. They try to overcome their “lower selves” and avoid being overly emotional. This propensity has its benefits, but others may see them as intolerant of their very human responses. Aquarius needs to learn warmth.


12. Pisces – Boundaries


Pisces are sensitive, empathic, adaptable, and both move in unique rhythms of practicality and intuition.  Yet their naturally open, kind, empathic natures can make them prone to being taken advantage of by others. Pisces needs to learn when to have boundaries. 


Does your mantra match you? Now you know how to look to the stars for words to live by!