Author Greg Behrendt Talks New Book – And How to Make Marriage Work!

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:35 AM, Aug 9, 2018

Marriage is knowing that living with one person for the rest of your life takes kindness, patience, and a big dose of humor. The List spoke to the author of the best-selling He’s Just Not That Into You and his wife to get their tips on making marriage work.

1. Bad Proposal = Bad Marriage

Co-authors Greg Behrendt and Amira Ruotola’s new book is called How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking. The couple explains explain how they wrote it at a time when their own marriage was sucking. “We were trying to figure out why, what happened, and how did we get there.” According to the couple, the proposal basically sets the tone for the marriage, but even a bad proposal doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a bad marriage. That’s if you can both laugh about it. If one partner doesn’t find the unsuccessful proposal funny, it may be a sign that you need to learn more about your future spouse.

2. It’s Normal to Get Cold Feet

“When you’re signing up to be with one person until the end of your life, I think it’s normal to have cold feet, if not a total panic attack,” Amira says. But once you’re done freaking out, you have to ask yourself this question: “If I have cold feet, what is at the root of it? Am I worried about sex, money?” Greg and Amira say all couples are gong to have conversations about tough topics, and it’s best to communicate and get no  the same page sooner rather than later.

3. Picture-Perfect Is Not the Goal of Marriage

Remember – comparison is the thief of joy. And social media makes it easy to envy another seemingly-perfect couple. Because of social media and the comparisons, you find yourself feeling less than or competitive with – when honestly, there’s room for everybody. Life in marriage isn’t a competition, it’s a legged race that you’re in with your partner. So get off the phone, and get outside to reconnect with your soon-to-be spouse.

4. How to Keep Your Marriage from Sucking

Now that you have all the tools prepared for this lifelong commitment, check out the clip below to learn four ways to keep your marriage from sucking.





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