Maximalist Living: 3 Ways to Decorate with Bold Design

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 7:37 PM, Feb 21, 2018

Forget the saying less is more, because nowadays less is bore!  The limited looks of minimalism were huge last year – but in 2018, it's all about the bold designs of maximalism. We spoke with art consultant and interior designer Julie Muniz who showed us three ways to achieve this look in your home.


1. Bring Back the Color


Too much minimalism can make your home look austere, so folks are starting to add color back into their pads. Hues like yellow okra and ultra violet are hugely popular this year! Julie recommends using bold colors as accents to avoid making your home look too gaudy. “Trying not to take it overboard is really key,” she explains. You don’t need to refurnish your whole space to pepper it with color either! Simply keep the neutral furniture you already have, and find smaller items like cabinets or desks to bring in the color. Talk about flying colors!


2. Texture


Step two is layering texture into your abode. We don’t just mean physical texture like velvet – we're talking visual texture. Patterns are a dynamic way to add visual interest to your home, and breaks up the monochromatic feel of minimalism. Julie says bright, experimental wallpaper is a great way to refresh your interior. Yes, wallpaper – which is back in vogue, and has come a long way from the dated wallpaper plastered in your grandma’s parlor. “The nice thing is that wall paper has become so much easier to apply and take down,” Julie shares. “Much easier than it was in years past.”


3. Comfort


And finally, maximalism is all about comfort. Julie notes that while minimalist staples like couches with thin legs may look nice, homeowners are wanting more comfortable, sturdy couches. “People want that in their home; they want to have something that's comfortable,” she reveals. “So one of the trends that we saw coming on really strong last year, and still this year, is this Danish word hygge [which] means coziness.”


You can add coziness to your home with accents, too. Fluffy pillows are a great example! “There are a lot of those flokati pillows and rugs that are coming up,” Julie mentions. “That’s the Mongolian sheepskin that you just want to wrap yourself up in!” Decor that literally makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside? Sign us up!


Color, texture and comfort – three easy things you can use to modernize your home with maximalism. Happy decorating!


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