Meet reporter Jake Peterson

Posted: 9:39 PM, Jan 21, 2015


Jake Peterson is a multimedia journalist for “The List.”   He lives in sunny Florida now, but he’s a Midwesterner at heart. 

Jake was raised in Illinois along the Mississippi River, and he says he’s been fortunate to live and work in several parts of the country.  His reporting has had him covering blizzards in Michigan, droughts in Kansas, and tropical storms in Florida. 

“I'm glad to be on The List and I hope that my stories will inform and entertain those who are watching. That's what we are all about!” Jake said.

Jake is a self-proclaimed information junkie and says “The List” is a great opportunity for him to do just that.  

When he’s not glued to the TV or internet, you’ll usually find Jake enjoying the outdoors. He loves living in Florida and you can normally find him on the tennis courts, beach or running trails.  Jake is also a music lover.  He loves going to live concerts and you can find pretty much any type of music on his playlist. 

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