Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Tips to Plan Your Best Family Road Trip Yet

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Posted: 4:29 PM, May 22, 2018

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, and AAA estimates over 36 million Americans will pack up their cars and for a mini-getaway, while millions more will hit the road this summer. YouTubers Marc and Tricia have driven across three countries – that's around 60,000 miles! – and they're bringing us the best tips on getting your family vacation right. 

1. Be a Flexible Planner  

Marc and Tricia say they've learned that the biggest destinations are all going to be highly marketed, and when they get there, it sometimes falls a little flat. Sure, have reservations at your main destination, but they also recommend leaving unscheduled time to try out less-familiar spots.  

2. Beware of "The Dip" 

"The Dip" is what the couple calls that time when travel expectations and reality don't match. It's that lull when everyone is bored, crabby, or has a low-grade headache. For them, the solution was dessert and saying, "okay, well this didn't match our expectations – let's go get some ice cream!" Another trick is managing the group's expectations in advance. Prepare the family for "The Dip." Because when it doesn't go right, you can say, "hey, we said it wasn't going to go right." 

3. Document your Disasters 

When someone does something super crazy or things go totally wrong, break out that camera. Because chances are, that will be one of your favorite stories of the entire trip. Social media has trained us to curate our experiences and add magical filters to our lives, but avoid the temptation to edit and embrace your trip's imperfections. 

If you're on the fence on that next road trip adventure with the fam, keep these pro tips in mind to help guarantee a better time!

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