How Your Zodiac Sign Can Survive the 2019 Mercury Retrograde

By: Jacqui Denker | Jim Ventura | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 3:10 PM, Oct 21, 2019 Updated: 3:12 PM, Oct 21, 2019

The next Mercury retrograde takes place from October 31 through November 20. And during this time, astrologers say things can go a bit haywire for us here on earth. To ensure a smoother ride, Jim Ventura offers insight into what each zodiac sign can expect.


1. Aries

Aries is a strong, active sign that likes to lead. A Mercury retrograde can definitely act as a test on their patience. This is a time when Aries needs to see that there are benefits to not always being in charge. They should reconsider how and if they can let others help them out.


2. Taurus


Taurus is usually solid and steady! Delays and obstacles during a Mercury retrograde can be frustrating, but they can also be less challenging for Taurus. As much as they are willing to work hard, they also enjoy taking a slower pace.


3. Gemini


Gemini is influenced by Mercury, noticeably because Mercury is its planetary ruler. Communication won’t be easy, but revisiting some old areas of study can be a positive focus at this time. Its’s beneficial for one to look forward, but it’s also sometimes fun to look backwards.


4. Cancer

Cancer can expect some frustrations with home, family, friends and relationships at this time. Yet spending more time alone and not having to handle everything for everyone can create a nice break for Cancer.


5. Leo


Leo is an active sign that might draw some problems with communication and how others see them at this time. Leo’s ability to inform others, lead the way, and give insight during this period can actually result in some nice applause for their efforts.


6. Virgo


Virgo is strongly influenced by Mercury because Mercury is Virgo’s planetary ruler. The urge to solve problems when things are stacked against Virgo will be a definite test. This is a good time to realize everyone isn’t perfect – including yourself!


7. Libra

Libra will go through some notable communication themes at this time because this Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Libra! Look at both the good and challenging aspects of relationships right now, and see them as an opportunity to try new ways to smooth communication issues that arise.


8. Scorpio


Scorpio is likely to have some challenge with communication and all things connected with agreements and contracts. The test will be to face old, painful issues connected with others and to let them go. Scorpio should realize that their past challenges have actually made them stronger!


9. Sagittarius


Sagittarius will find travel and the urge to teach others more frustrating at this time. See the travel delays as an opportunity for funny stories to share later. They should think of new creative ways to connect with the people they are trying to influence.


10. Capricorn

Capricorn may find work relationships, and relationships in general, more frustrating. But Capricorn is often skilled at handling difficulty! If stressed, remember this too shall pass.


11. Aquarius


Aquarius may find some frustration with others not seeing the big picture. They may even have to put some current dreams and goals on the back-burner. Now is a great time to look at the value of some of the ideals and goals from their past, which perhaps they have left behind.


12. Pisces


Pisces will experience delays and difficulties at this time. They might find themselves developing resentment toward others, or frustrations about their own self-sabotage. Still, the understanding, compassionate nature of Pisces can help heal any wounds that surface during the Mercury retrograde.


If you’re wondering how to survive the Mercury retrograde, now you know what your zodiac sign can expect!