Millennial Jobs: Top 3 Careers for Generation Y

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 11:17 PM, Jan 9, 2018

Calling all millennials! If you're looking for a new job in 2018, listen up. We took a look at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and came up with the top three most popular jobs among millennials.   

1. Financial Analyst 

Millennials aren't just good at taking selfies nowadays. Apparently, many are savvy with money and numbers crunching, as forty-one percent of financial analysts in the U.S. are aged between twenty-five and thirty-four. They also make about eighty-two thousand dollars a year. It sure pays to work with money! 

2. Bartender 

The Wall Street Journal points to a resurgence of old-timey manual labor jobs – furniture makers, bookbinders, brewers and bar keeps. Bartending is the perfect job if you love to party, with millennials making up forty-one percent of the U.S.'s four hundred fifty-four thousand mixologists. Mixing elixirs won't rake in nearly as much as financial analysts, however. The median U.S. barkeeping salary is about twenty-one thousand dollars a year. Still a fun side gig to supplement your income if you ask us! 

3. Statistician 

Statisticians are professionals who analyze numbers and data to come up with statistics – and they're earning some good guap! The U.S. boasts seventy-four thousand statisticians, forty-five percent of which are aged between twenty-five and thirty-four years old. These number-crunching mathmagicians also bring home about seventy-one thousand dollars in bacon a year. That's seventy-one thousand blessings we can count! 

Wow, Generation Y is so keen with booze and numbers – two things that cause a lot of us headaches.

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