Mind-Blowing Tech: 3 Incredible Scientific Breakthroughs

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 5:59 PM, Oct 18, 2017

Making technology part of our bodies isn't just for sci-fi shows like Black Mirror anymore. These next-generation innovations are bringing the future to the present. Jared Cotter has three incredible scientific breakthroughs that are almost too crazy to believe.

1.  The DermalAbyss Project

What if you could monitor what's going on inside your body simply by looking at a tattoo? Most diabetics currently monitor their glucose levels by testing their blood. But this tattoo uses liquid biosensor ink that would eliminate that process. With DermalAbyss it could be implanted inside the body then depending on the surrounding environment, around the ink, the ink itself will change color. As the body's PH, glucose and sodium levels change, so does the tattoo.

2.  Project Soli

Imagine a button between your thumb and your index finger and the button's not there. Radar emitting microchips track hand gestures so people can control devices. Kind of like tom cruise in Minority Report. These new age microchips can be embedded in wearable products, phones, computers, cars…the possibilities are endless.

3.  Proteus Digital Health

The sand grain sized sensor is part of your "doctor prescribed" medication. Once the sensor reaches the stomach it transmits a signal to a wearable patch and a digital record is sent to your doctor and an app on your phone. The sensor, patch and phone work together to help you keep on top of your health.

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