Minimalism: 3 Downsizing Hacks to Declutter Your Home

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 5:46 PM, Feb 27, 2018

The hashtag #minimalism has been searched more than nine-million times on Instagram. So is this a trend that you should try? We spoke with Jenna Spesard, who built her own tiny home and blogs about her tiny lifestyle. Now she’s sharing three ways you can declutter your home!

1. Cut One Item Every Day

The first step of downsizing is cutting out one item a day. “Don't bring another item in,” says Jenna. “If you bring another item into your house, get rid of two items that day.” That may sound hard, but think of things you don't need. And if you're stuck, bring in some outside motivation. “You can also ask your friends to help,” Jenna recommends. “Sometimes it's hard to get rid of objects because you are so connected to them.” Friends don't have the same emotional connection to items that you do, so their objectivity can really help. Two heads are better than one! 

2. Think Outside Your House

Just because you’re downsizing doesn't mean you can't entertain guests – which leads us to step number two: think outside the house!  “I do a lot of outdoor movie nights where I hang my projection screen outside,” Jenna offers as an idea. “We all just sort of gather around with our lawn chairs, and watch a movie outside.”

Downsizing doesn’t mean you’re limited to the square footage of your house. You have lots of room outdoors to create a larger space by just bringing some of the indoors out. “You have to be clever about it, and you have to think outside of the house sometimes." Cleverness take us to step three!


3. Make it Multipurpose

The final step on our list is making your belongings multipurpose. “In a tiny space, you really need every single item to do multiple things,” Jenna insists, “or it's not worth having in a tiny house.”

You'll make your space feel much larger when everything has multiple functions. “When I planned out my tiny house design, I made sure every furniture item could do one or two things,"  shares Jenna. “Like my table also acts as my desk, [and] my couch acts as spare bedroom.” Your space might not be as small, but getting rid of old furniture that you don't use can free up a lot of room.

4. Bring Your Furniture Outside

Another great way to reduce clutter and cost is moving furniture from inside your home and bringing it outside. Have a card table lying around that you need to get rid of? Repurpose it into an outdoor console table! Just add some flowers, books, or a table cloth you already own – and bam! You’ve got yourself a cozy outdoor feature. Or better yet, turn the table into an outdoor bar cart – which is festive and will make friends want to come over.


Another idea folks often overlook is bringing your art outside. Why not open up space in your home, like walls and corners, by upcycling artwork to spruce up your patio? Doing so is an easy, cost effective way of creating a comfortable outdoor space!


Even if you're not going tiny, you can still use these tricks to cut back and minimalize your home!

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