Minimalist Living: 3 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Home

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 8:59 PM, Feb 6, 2017

The star of the Netflix documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things and author Joshua Becker says there is a revolution happening and it's not political. It's minimal, the act of buying the things that are important to you what you want to accomplish in your life and aligning your possessions with it. Bradley Hasemeyer and Joshua have three simple steps to declutter your home using this trendy method.

1.  Declutter a Room

Just take out everything in your bedroom or living room that you don't need to have in there and then notice how you feel. Does the room feel calm, peaceful and do you feel more focus and less distracted?

2.  Quality Over Quantity

Minimalism allows the opportunity to own higher quality things. Frugality and minimalism aren’t necessarily the same. If you’re going to be minimalist and own something then you should make sure you own something nice.

3.  Set Physical Boundaries

When it comes to children, physical boundaries are so helpful. You can have as many toys as you want as long as they fit in a closet, or they fit in a bin, or a certain wall.

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