Mobile Tech: 4 Best Cell Phone Camera Lenses & Accessories of 2018

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 11:34 PM, Mar 7, 2018

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but we're still making strides and getting better and sharper. USA Today's "Cameras Reviewed" came out with their picks for affordable phone accessories that can take you from amateur photos to semi-pro. Here are our picks for the top four. 

1. The Aukey 3-in-1 Lens Kit – $14.99 

This kit can turn your phone into a professional camera in your pocket. The Aukey Lens Kit includes three lenses – the fish-eye, the wide angle and the macro lens. These clip right onto your phone's camera lens and you immediately get a different feature for your phone. The macro lens is for anything you want to get a closer look at, without going out of focus. The wide angle and fish eye lenses are great for capturing landscapes, or just opening your phone's field of view. 

2. The Commlite Mobile LED Light – $32 

The key to a great photo or great video is good lighting. Good lighting fills in the shadows and makes the image less grainy. The Commlite LED Light clamps right onto your phone and comes with the attachment hardware for an optional stand. It comes with three different color diffusers, depending on whether you want to simulate indoor or outdoor lighting.  

3. The Yoozon Selfie-Stick Tripod – $21.99

It's a new twist to the infamous selfie-stick. The Yoozon Selfie-Stick Tripod rotates 360 degrees and has your usual long handle for faraway shots. But when needed, the bottom will turn into a tripod. Shooting a vlog, make-up tutorial, or taking a selfie is easy, as you can also use the included Bluetooth remote control to do it all. 

4. The Zhiyun Steadicam – $99 

This is perfect for traveling or your daily vlogging needs. The Zhiyun Steadicam will get rid of shaky or jerky shots with its stabilizing technology, giving you a smooth, cinematic look. You can also get creative with the four-way joy stick for action shots.  

The smartphone camera has come a long way. Not only can you take photos like a pro, but it's also accessible to any wallet!

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