Mom Stocks: 3 Tips to Cash In On Popular Brands

Depending on who you listen to, women control 60 to 90 percent of household spending. So maybe what's filling your cart should also be filling your portfolio. Jimmy Rhoades and Heartland Financial's Chief Investment Officer, Nancy Tengler, have three ways you can cash in on "Mom Stocks!"

1.  Where You Shop

If you shop for companies that offer great value, chances are, their stocks offer great value too. Like Burlington Coat Factory’s stock doubled in the past five years, and Pier 1 is up over 18,000% since 2009. Target is up about 14%, and the market's up about 8%, so it's an awesome investment.

2.  What You Buy

3M, maker of familiar brands like Scotch-Brite, Post-it, and Scotch Tape, has handily outperformed the market. Proctor & Gamble is a great stock. They are very innovative, and it's up 9.5% per year over the last 20 years.