Motherhood Through the Decades: Moms from the 1950s to Now!

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor Posted: 6:02 PM, Feb 26, 2018

Motherhood means juggling a multitude of dilemmas, all while trying to raise healthy kids. Dirty diapers, picky eaters, tantrums – you name it. 

These mom life struggles inspired Canadian mom comedians, YouTubers and social media stars Cat & Nat to make their latest video, #MomTruths: The Evolution of Motherhood

In the three-minute sketch, Cat & Nat show us what life was like for mamas every decade from the 1950s until now. As you'll see in the video, "momming" is much different now than how it used to be. Have a good laugh at their latest video, as you look back through the decades at how parenting has changed, for better and for worse. 

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