Mother’s Day Flowers for Under $40 — Impress on a Budget!

By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:55 AM, Apr 29, 2019

Mother’s Day is all about going over-the-top for one of the most important people in our lives. And showing our love with flowers is something moms everywhere look forward to. But instead of overpaying for those flowers, this year we have options! Eric Luoma, owner of Cactus Flower, has three creative, affordable ways arrange Mother’s Day flowers yourself at the $20, $30 and $40 price points.

1. $20 Budget Bouquet

Let’s kick off our list of DIY Mother’s Day flowers with a $20 budget bouquet. Consider using gerber daisies which you can find at just about any florist in the country. “They’re bright, they’re happy. It’s like America’s sweetheart of a flower,” says Eric. “These come in about two hundred different colors [and are] very inexpensive. It’s going to cost you about $1 to $2 per daisy.” Now all you need is something to drop the flowers in! Eric suggests using a vase that’s special to you or special to mom. Finally, Eric recommends spending $10 to $12 on a candle or some fancy chocolate to complement the arrangement.

2. $30 Mother’s Day Flowers

Blooming into our second spot is a $30 arrangement that keeps on giving. “We have a $12 art glass vase, with more gerbera daises, a sunflower, and something with staying power — a succulent,” shares Eric. “What I did was cut the roots, [and] put a wire through it — just so I can manipulate it, then just place in there.” The succulent is about $7 and the daisy and sunflowers $10. Eric says these flowers will last beyond Mother’s Day, too: “When the flowers are gone, take it out, [and] drop it in some soil. It’s going to take root and you have a lifetime of happiness.” You know, just like with your mom!

3. $40 Bougie Boquet

Our last option for Mother’s Day flowers is a $40 boquet of bougieness. This one features local greenery, seafoam status and sunflowers — about $25 for all. “Springtime is when they’re most plentiful and a lot less expensive,” informs Eric. We’re using a $10 bowl vase with $3 worth of bear grass to add to the look. “So we wrap [the bear grass] around, put it in a bowl, [and it] gives it a nice look and hides some of the mechanics like the stems,” adds Eric. We bet these’ll be a hit with any mom!

If you’re looking for cheap Mother’s Day flowers, now you’ve got three ways to impress that special woman in your life on a budget.


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