Move Over UNICORNS: 4 fun ways to rock the FLAMINGO trend

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Elyse Johnson Posted: 7:39 PM, Mar 13, 2017

These pink birds aren’t just lawn ornaments anymore. From clothes, home décor and even in your pool, they’re everywhere! Kristina Guerrero has three fun ways to rock the hot new flamingo trend.

1.  Drink It

Drink it with a pink flamingo cocktail. It’s super simple — just add a few scoops of vanilla ice scream, grenadine, Bailey's and blend.

2.  Ride Them

Pool season is almost here so make a splash with a fun flamingo pool float. They range from $20 on up.

3.  Wear Them

You can get flamingo prints are on almost every piece of clothing, from tops to bottoms, socks and even dresses.

4.  Decorate with Them

There are flamingos for your bathroom, your bedroom and even your living room. If pillows, candles, sheets and shower curtains weren't enough — there's even wallpaper!

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