Must See! 3 awesome ways you can 3D your life

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 2:48 PM, Apr 17, 2017

The future is looking bright and multidimensional. From high-tech printing for the soles of your shoes, to bringing your own avatar to life, Donna Ruko has three awesome new ways you can 3D your life.

1.  3D Avatar

Forget plain old pictures. Instead get your own 3D avatar! Not an Avatar like the movie, but you can get your head, neck and shoulders to come to life from a simple selfie. Just by using a front facing photo in a matter of minutes technology gives it life, where you can blink, smile and be expressive. The company wants it to be used in games and on social media, but get in line…you can sign up on their website for their next round of testing.

2.  3D Kicks

Treat your feet to the benefits of 3D with the new Adidas FUTURECRAFT. The mid soles are created using digital light synthesis and promise to revolutionize shoe manufacturing by delivering optimal comfort and stability. The three dimensional mesh structure is a web of individual elements, each one tuned specifically for a purpose. It will be available this fall.

3.  3D Figurine

The process by Shapify is simple – once your picture is taken and uploaded to the cloud, then it’s just a waiting game until you receive your tiny twin. For about $140 you can get your mini me made, but to get scanned you either have to buy a Microsoft Kinect or travel to a scan sight. Currently there are three cities to get scanned in the U.S., Portland, Houston and Los Angeles..

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