National Churro Day 2018: How to Make Churros with 5 Easy Recipes

National Churro Day is June 6, 2018, and you know what that means: it’s time to learn how to make churros, then scarf them down! Sure, you can always go out and buy churros, but if you’re feeling festive, make them yourself at home. Read on for five recipes to help you cherish the churro on National Churro Day.


1. Traditional Churro Recipe


If you consider yourself a traditionalist, this churro recipe is for you! The Cooking Foodie is showing us how to make a classic, quintessential churro – along with a delectable chocolate dipping sauce. Give your tongue a taste of nirvana by whipping this up at home! 


2. Churro Ice Cream Bowl


Ready to step your churro game up a notch? Try this Churro Ice Cream Bowl recipe brought to you by the folks at Tasty. This recipe not only combines two of our favorite desserts – ice cream and churros – but you also have the choice of drizzling with hot fudge and caramel topping. Yummers! 


3. Nutella Stuffed Churros


If you go nuts for Nutella, you probably have one of the ingredients for this recipe sitting in your pantry right now. Stop everything you’re doing and give this Nutella Stuffed Churro by Handle the Heat a try. Warning: these churros are as addicting as they are delish!

4. Red Velvet Churros


Looking for another stuffed churro recipe? Tasty is showing us how to make Red Velvet Churros in under a minute. In this recipe, cream cheese makes the filling in these churros gooey and oh-so-good. 


5. Oreo Churro Recipes


Finally, here’s another recipe that combines churros with one of our favorite confections: Oreos! Incorporating Oreos into this treat is easy – simply throw the cookies in a food processor, and you’re already half way there. Watch POPSUGAR Food’s video below for the full recipe.


Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t end National Churro Day without making at least one of these recipes at home!


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