National Frappe Day 2018: 7 Places Giving Away Free Frappes & Deals

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By: Victor Padilla Posted: 4:42 PM, Oct 4, 2018 Updated: 8:38 AM, Oct 5, 2018

National Frappe Day is October 7 – which means it’s time to guzzle your favorite coffeehouse drink! But what exactly is a frappe? Welp, it depends on who you ask. Some say it’s an iced coffee topped with foamy whipped cream. Others describe it as a kind of partially frozen coffee. And in some areas, frappes are simply ice cream milkshakes! Whatever your definition, The List has rounded up seven ways to score something sweet, cold, and frothy this National Frappe Day.


1. McDonald’s


Download the McDonald’s app, buy a medium or large McCafé drink, and get another for $0.01! The McCafé menu includes Caramel and Mocha frappes, in addition to a slew of other javalicious drinks. This offer expires December 30, so enjoy it on National Frappe Day or whenever you’d like. Click here for more McDonald’s deals and freebies to tickle your taste buds.


2. Caribou Coffee


Become a Caribou Coffee Perks member and receive a free drink – any kind, any size – after your first visit. Caribou’s menu includes an assortment of iced and blended beverages. Redeem this ongoing offer on National Frappe Day or any day of the year. Caribou coffee has hundreds of locations sprawled across 18 states. Click here to find one near you!


3. Dunkin’ Donuts


They say America runs on Dunkin’, so this National Frappe Day should be no different. Join the chain’s perk program and receive a free beverage of any size upon registration. Eligible drink freebies include iced and hot coffees, teas, lattes, hot chocolates and Coolattas. View the full terms and conditions of this offer here.


4. Peet’s Coffee


Sign up for Peet’s Coffee’s Peetnik Rewards program and get a free beverage of your choice after your first check-in. Not only does their menu boast an array of lattes and mochas – it also features a line of Javiva drinks, which are made with whipped coffee topped with chocolate and caramel drizzle. Take advantage of this ongoing freebie on National Frappe Day, or whenever you’re jonesing for some java. Peet’s has locations across nine states – click here to find one near you!


5. Biggby Coffee


Visit Biggby’s homepage to see a pop-up ad – like this one here – offering a free beverage just for joining their rewards program. Their menu has a wide range of lattes and Creme Freezes. Click here to find a location near you.


6. Hardee’s


Did you know ice cream shakes fall under the frappe umbrella, too? Well, now that you do we’re showing you how to score a free shake from Hardee’s. Join their email list and receive a coupon for a free small fry and small beverage when you buy any 1/3 lb. Thickburger. The Hardee’s beverage menu just so happens to include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry hand-scooped ice cream shakes! No rush to enjoy this freebie on National Frappe Day – take advantage of this ongoing offer year-round.


7. Carl’s Jr.


Here’s one more ongoing shake freebie to slurp on this National Frappe Day or whatever you desire. Join Carl’s Jr.’s email list and get a free coupon for a small fry and small beverage with purchase of any Six Dollar Burger. Their beverage selection includes chocolate, vanilla, Oreo, and strawberry ice cream shakes. Now you can literally have fries to go with that shake!


If you’re looking for free frappes, now you’ve got seven ways to chug one for cheap this National Frappe Day.