National Twilight Zone Day 2019: 4 Crazy Facts About The Twilight Zone

national twilight zone day 2019

Did you know May 11 is National Twilight Zone Day? Yes, it’s a thing! And to celebrate, we’ve got some spellbinding Twilight Zone trivia for ya.


1. The New Twilight Zone is Star-Studded


The first bit of trivia to get you amped for National Twilight Zone Day? The newest version is star-studded! Adam Scott, Tracy Morgan, Greg Kinnear and John Cho are just some of the many stars we’ve already seen in the new series. Plus, the reboot’s hosted and executive produced by Jordan Peele, who recently terrified audiences everywhere with the thriller US. Catch new episodes Thursdays on CBS’ All Access streaming service.


2. This is Far from the Only Twilight Zone


The original series launched back in 1959, and since then it’s been made into a Steven Spielberg-produced movie, a comic book, a theme park attraction, and a show two more times – including one that Oscar winner Forest Whitaker was chosen to host. Yowza!


3. The First Show Got a Ton of Buzz


So why has The Twilight Zone been rebooted and revived so many times? Welp, the first show got a ton of buzz. TV Guide, Rolling Stone, and the Writers Guild of America have called it one of the greatest and best-written dramas and shows of all time. Plus, two episodes have been named among the best TV episodes ever written!


4. Leonardo DiCaprio Loves The Twilight Zone


One other person who loves The Twilight Zone is Leonardo DiCaprio, which is why he’s collaborating on a version of it, too. The Oscar-winner’s called the original show his favorite, and that’s likely why he’s currently developing and producing a movie version with Warner Brothers. We can’t wait to see it!


Now you’ve got a few fun facts to help you National Twilight Zone Day.


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