NCAA 2018: 3 Ways to Make Money at Big Events like March Madness

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By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:51 PM, Mar 28, 2018

When huge events like NCAA's March Madness or a major music festival hit your town – what follows is usually thousands of people spending thousands of dollars. This is your chance to start a short-term side hustle and make a little extra money. We spoke with money-saving expert Lisa Rowan from who taught us three ways to cash in at major events!


1. Rent Out Your Room or Home

First up, consider renting out your room or home. “Special events always get out-of-towners who wanna be close to the action,” shares Lisa. “So you can rent out your home, or part of it, through a peer-to-peer rental service like AirBNB or VRBO.” You could potentially make $100 – $200 a night or more renting a room, and there are protections in place to help verify who you rent to. But if you choose to do it on your own with something like Craigslist, make sure to be careful. "Just watch out for red flags like you would normally if you're doing some peer-to-peer buying and selling on the internet,” warns Lisa.


Also consider renting out your parking space, driveway, or even an RV or camper if you have one. "You just have to think about the space that you have available, and the best ways that you could use it,” Lisa advises.


2. Shuttle People Around

Another way to bring in bucks? Use your vehicle to shuttle people around  NCAA March Madness festivities. “Driving with Uber or Lyft can really help you earn some cash during these peak times,” insists Lisa. As a matter of fact, drivers can earn around $20 per hour plus potential surge pricing during peak hours. "Get the lay of the land a couple of weeks before the big event, and then stake out a spot close to the venue and be ready to roll." You heard the lady!


People also have to eat, and don't always want the limited options at the events. So look at services like Uber Eats to make local deliveries from restaurants. "You can make about $8 to $12 an hour depending on how busy it is,” informs Lisa. Not too shabby!


3. Work for the Event

Finally, if you don't want to start a side hustle with a rideshare or rental service, you can work for the event itself. "A lot of times, they're advertised in old school ways, like newspapers and on Craigslist,” reveals our expert. “Some of it is through word of mouth, but there is always a need for people to work concessions, direct parking, [or] do security." These jobs pay from $8 to $12 an hour, and they also don't require a huge time commitment or training. "You can earn for a couple of days, and then be done and move on to the next adventure." No fuss, no muss!


Does the NCAA March Madness bracket have you in the money-making spirit? Most of us could always use some extra cash, so now you’ve got three ways to turn big events into big bucks.


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