Need a New Ride?: 3 Ways to Save By Going Used

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 7:12 PM, Dec 21, 2017

If you're looking for a car with great value – at a great price – here's the secret: Look for a used car. This year, used cars flooded the market, which means you've got a greater chance of finding a ride you'll love and be able to afford. So, Jimmy Rhoades talked to Matt Jones of to find out the Top 3 things you've got to know about saving cash with a used car.

1. The 3 Year Sweet Spot

According to Matt, 3 years old is the sweet spot age for buying a used car. This is when a car is old enough to depreciate to a value you can afford, but is still new enough that it'll last you a while, thanks to the small amount of wear it's been through.

Even used cars at 4 years old will still get you a great deal: They've depreciated even further than the 3 year cars, but can still be certified as pre-owned vehicles.

2. Think Outside the Imports Box

Matt says that many used car shoppers tend to think they'll get a better deal on a used car by looking for imported vehicles. But, the truth is, while used import brand cars do come with great deals, domestic vehicles are also being sold at less than half off their original stickers. So, if you see a domestic ride you like that seems to fit your dream car criteria, look into it! You might be surprised at how affordable you find it to be.

3. Take It for a Spin

Once you find a car you think you'll want to bring home, don't just quickly look around it before saying yes. Let your senses be your guide to making sure the car is perfect. Touch and feel the seats; pop open the hood and take a big sniff – it might sound silly, but, even if you don't know what to look for under a hood, you'll definitely know a strange scent when you smell one, and can ask the dealer about it.

If you want to make sure you're really being sold what you're promised, don't be afraid to get a second professional opinion. Have a trusted mechanic perform a pre-sale inspection on a car you're thinking of buying to give you extra piece of mind.

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