Netflix & Bone-chilling: 4 Scariest Movies to Watch on Friday the 13th

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By: Cassarah Coffey Posted: 5:51 PM, Apr 11, 2018

Wondering what to watch on Friday the 13th? How about a Netflix movie that's so scary, people can only make it 70% through before they start whimpering helplessly and turn them off. Here's a list of our top three favorites you should check out this upcoming spooky night. 

1. Cabin Fever 

Eli Roth had people terrified by tap water with his 2002 film Cabin Fever, but it's the 2016 remake that people can't get all the way through on Netflix. That's a bit of an understatement, as there are reports of people getting sick and going crazy not to die from it. Whether it's the fear or the gore, research shows people turning it off before the ending. 

2. Raw 

Here's a gore fest with rave reviews. Raw may seem like an artsy, French, coming-of-age film on the surface, but it takes a very dark turn. It's all about a vegetarian teen heading to vet school, then finding out she has a taste for flesh. The female-written and -directed film is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 91% rating. But viewers are bailing before watching the entire thing because they just can't handle all the heebie jeebies. 

3. The Void 

From a film that has you questioning the sanity of one to the sanity of many, next up is The Void. Plenty of people were surprised to find themselves too scared to make it through this film on Netflix, but you'll have to stick with it if you want to figure out what's going on with the crazy-looking cult outside the hospital. A throwback to the '80s horror movies of yesterday, there is plenty of gore and what-the-heck moments. And the further you get in the movie, the deeper they go into the hospital – and craziness. 

4. The Conjuring  

Another reason people are too scared to finish horror movies – supernatural jump scares! In The Conjuring, we get a glimpse into one of their scariest cases ever. It's all about a family being tormented by spirits. Though it has made Netflix's list of "unfinishable" movies, it hit big in the box office and has had several spinoff movies  including a sequel and the Annabelle movies. See how far you get before you're too scared. 

So, here you go, your go-to list of scary movies to watch – maybe not all the way through – on Netflix, just in case you decide to stay in and avoid the unluckiness that is Friday the 13th.    

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