New Beers 2019: 3 Tasty New Beers & Trends to Sip This Year

By: Todd Covelli | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 11:12 AM, Feb 25, 2019

Craft beer is here to stay – and like any other industry, it taps into trends to keep the customers coming back. Dylan DeMiguel of The Shop Beer Company in Tempe, Arizona has a slew of new beers and trends you’ll be sipping on this year.


1. Farm-to-Bottle


Sprouting to the top of our list of new beers is farm-to-bottle beer. “Something that’s become true in the culinary world, and very popular, is the farm-to-table concept,” says Dylan. “We thought it would be cool to do more of a farm-to-bottle or farm-to-can concept.” The farm-to-bottle concept can refer to locally-grown flowers, vegetables and fruit to flavor the beer. “So we went to a local farmer in town, Rhibafarms, and picked some hibiscus hips, and we put them in the beer,” adds Dylan. He calls this the “bouquet of doom” – but claims the taste is anything but, offering a nice tartness. You can find it sold throughout the southwest.


2. Smoked Beer


Wafting to our second spot of new beers? Smoked beers, or “rauschbier” in German. Craft brewers simply smoke the malt to add the woodsy flavor. “It just adds a really unique complexity,” shares Dylan. “What we’ve seen is that a lot of people tend to do it in darker beers; more robust flavors that aren’t competing with hops.” Yummers!


The guys at Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall, Michigan have the smoked stout down to a science. “We use cherry wood smoked malt, and so the malt is smoked before it goes into the process for us,” says Aaron Mose Byran Wiggs. Aaron says you can pair it with foods like barbecue or anything smoked! You can find the Fore Smoked Stout throughout the Midwest.


3. Alcohol Infused-Beer


We’re shaking things up with our last of new beers to try: alcohol-infused brews. “We’re able to do a quick infusion with wood chips soaked in bourbon, or woodchips soaked in gin or vodka,” says Dylan. “What you get is the flavor of the gin or the vodka, or bourbon, but without any of the alcohol.” The shop has experimented with several alcohol infusions, including their gin-infused Left Coast.


If you’re looking for new beers and trends to try in 2019, now you’ve got three to spin on!


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