New ways ‘Big Brother’ is watching you at the store

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Jessica Robertson Posted: 4:17 PM, Mar 31, 2017

You wake up, check your Gmail and the surveillance begins. Not only does Google know you're awake, so does your carrier. The change in strength between different Wi-Fi hotspots means you've moved into the kitchen to make coffee. Even your smart meter electricity company knows how many cups of coffee it is that you're making.

Andreas Weigend is the former Chief Data Scientist for Amazon and author of Data for the People. He says online tracking methods are crossing over to your brick-and-mortar life. It doesn't matter if you're buying food, clothing or electronics… retailers are tracking your every move.

Check out the above video to find out what you know, what you don't know and what's coming next.

Big thanks to Katie Arrington from Fry's Food!

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