Nutella & Baileys Ice Cream, Anyone? 3 Boozy Ice Cream Roll Recipes to Drool Over

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 5:15 PM, May 4, 2018

You like beer, you like ice cream, and it's Cinco de Mayo weekend so why not mix all these things together? Open up that beer bottle and get ready for dessert, brought to you by the "Ice Cream Rolls" YouTube Channel  is whipping up some Heineken Beer Rolls you'll want to see (and taste!). 

The ice cream-inspired YouTube channel is notorious for doing some crazy ice cream rolls. So in honor of sweetening up your weekend, we're bringing you our top three favorite boozy concoctions that'll make your mouth water.  

1. Nutella & Baileys Ice Cream Rolls 

If Nutella is your jam, then this chocolatey recipe has your name all over it. The channel boasts this dessert as one of their best cocktail recipes yet. So why not make an ice cream roll inspired by it? Check out the magic in the full video below.

2. Tanqueary Gin Tonic Ice Cream Roll

This one's for those who want to be a little bit more adventurous. It's Fried Thailand Ice Cream like you've never seen before. Peep how this out-of-this-world treat is made. It's a dessert that screams party in a cup!

3. Bombay Gin Tonic Ice Cream with Cucumber and Pepper

Here's another gin tonic option for you. This Bombay gin tonic has a touch of cucumber and pepper to add a delicious touch of summer and spice to your dessert. But why take our word for it? Try this recipe for yourself!

Which one of these are you tempted to try at home? Sound off on those comments down below!

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