Oddly Satisfying Videos: 3 Best Weirdly Calming Videos to Watch

By: Orlando Morales | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 11:06 AM, Feb 25, 2019 Updated: 11:24 AM, Feb 25, 2019

The internet brings us all sorts of things. And a trend we’ve been noticing recently? Videos that are unusually enjoyable to watch. They’re a little strange, but visually stunning, and many will leave you mesmerized. Let’s look at a few oddly satisfying videos.


1. Art Restoration Videos

First on our list of oddly satisfying video? Art restoration videos, like ones by Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration. As fine art ages, its varnish begins to yellow or brown. That’s where restoration expert Julian Baumgartner comes in, meticulously removing all the gunk that accumulates over time. His stunning transformations has earned him almost twenty-three million views on YouTube, captivating his audience with clean narration’s of his work. Who knew freshening up paintings could be so fascinating?!


2. Floral Foam Videos

From squeaky clean to squeezing – next on our list of oddly satisfying videos features floral foam. Youtuber Issa Floral Foam combines the foam florists use to make arraignments with water and glitter to create glitter bombs that produce stunning waves of color with a squeeze. With almost fourteen million views on YouTube, her viewers often comment on the calming effect her colorful videos have. Looks psychedelic and satisfying!


3. Cake Decorating Videos

And the last oddly satisfying videos we’re looking at involve cake decorating. Laurie Shannon, aka The Icing Artist, is a youtuber with over 645 million views – mostly due to her captivating cake compilations. Her killer creations and decorating skills certainly are the icing on the cake. Just take a look at one of her videos above to see her pleasing piping technique in action!


If you’re looking for oddly satisfying videos to binge watch, now you’ve got three different kinds to choose from!


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