Office Party Etiquette: 5 Important Rules to Follow

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 2:10 PM, Dec 13, 2016

Are you hitting up your holiday office party at work this year? If so, Lindsey Granger and Y’all Are Rude! author Miss Lora have five important etiquette rules to follow.

1.  Do Not Skip It

If they're putting out all this effort in order to have that party you better be there…unless you're dead, or in the hospital, or really sick. You know what they've got a list and they're checking it twice.

2.  Dress Smart

You can have your little holiday bling going on, but if you wouldn't wear it to the office, don't wear it to the party.

3.  Prepare Your Date

Talk about what are the safe topics, what they can and can't do and if you're that worried about them, you need a different date. Sometimes it’s best to just go by yourself and take the opportunity to talk to more people.

4.  Watch Your Boredom Body Language

If you're standing there with your arms folded, you are not going to be the hit of the party. The boss is going to notice so remember watch your body language.

5.  Don’t Get Wasted

Miss Lora's rules of thumb are: more than one and you're no fun, more than two and you could be through. Keep it to a two drink limit so you don’t go in Monday and find you are no longer employed.

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